Tuesday, September 27, 2016

God Provides

Night Market with the Hualien Team
Coming to Taiwan this year was more difficult than it had been two years ago. Two years ago I didn’t know what I could be walking into. However everything pointed directly towards Taiwan, so following that direction, I came here.

During this year’s orientation, I was hit with a depth of homesickness that had never hit me before. The longer orientation became, the more homesick I became…trusting, hoping that I wouldn’t be fighting these feelings the whole year.

Arriving in Hualien, I was delighted by the beauty and how quickly things began to feel like home. But more than that, I found so much of God’s provision for me.

I realized I didn’t pack any of my favorite EmergenC vitamin drinks. There was already a considerable stash in Hualien. I hadn’t packed pain reliever, there were also two whole bottles (more than I’ll use) waiting for me, still far from their expiration date. It was just so special to see God’s hand in even the little details.

Skits with teammates
I’ve been wanting to learn guitar, and here in Hualien is a lovely used guitar that no one was using. It was just another small gift from God that made me feel more at home and in the perfect place that God has called me to be. There has been a myriad of other special things like that. As I’ve explored Hualien, I was pointed in the direction of an organic store where I can restock the essential oils that mysteriously vanished from my checked luggage.

The people in and around the school in Hualien have been so hospitable and kind. The homesickness is long gone, and it’s feeling very homey. I am looking forward to what other things God will do this year. He has shown himself so strong in the little fine details, I know He is going to do mighty and exciting things this year.

~Jessica Mullen

Jessica on the VOICE Missions Hualien team comes from MN. She loves writing, reading, playing with students during breaks, eating dumplings and cooking Asian food. She is grateful to be exploring Taiwan once again and looking forward to learning more Chinese and loving children as she teaches English.

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