Saturday, July 8, 2017

Unexpected Experience

The impact that my year with VOICE Missions in Taiwan had on my life and still has is huge.   For the first time in my life, I got to know what it truly means to be a volunteer. The year was filled with laughing, learning, teaching, exploring, growing, loving God with others and loving others as well. 

It truly did impact me and open my eyes to the world. I feel truly changed from the experience and touched by all the wonderful people I was able to meet. I've been brainstorming about things I can still do to help the people and my friends here. I feel so helpless being back here but I've been sharing all my stories and people seem to love to hear about it. 

At a place where you think things cannot get any worse…you see something remarkable.  You see the pride on kids faces as they open their hearts to you and have fun in learning English and talking to you in Chinese or with body language . And for that short moment, you don’t notice that you really don't understand anything but you're able to hear their hearts.  What a precious moment!  You notice the love, strength and hope that all of these individuals have.

When I saw these kids filled with joy with the little they have, I realized that they have the strongest thing of all — faith in Jesus.  Because of them, my life is forever changed.

Sometimes doing the right thing is not always easy, but it's so worth it! If we continue doing it, He promises that He will stay with us wherever we go. Here in Taiwan is when the words on the pages of the Bible came to life in a really powerful way.

I'll always be so grateful for the opportunity I had with VOICE Missions in this beautiful island.  I feel really honored to be used by the Lord and be part of His movement in Taiwan.  I saw so many lives transformed by the power of His grace, sweet smiles every day. I had thousands of hugs like never before! I was able to see friends giving their lives and receiving His love and His grace transforming my heart and renewing my mind. 

I'll definitely encourage anyone to do this next year!  It will really change your life. Thank you, Formosa, for adopting me and with your sweetness and kindness, healing my heart. You'll always be in my heart. 

Lorena Lopez is of Mexican nationality, and majored in international relations and political studies from Nuevo León State University in Mexico. She has been serving in various countries throughout the Americas and Asia. She enjoys literature, nature, learning about other cultures, adventures, and a good coffee. Her vision is to contribute towards a new perspective for this world.