Tuesday, March 27, 2018

And So It Continues

Christmastime, 2016, I sat in my apartment in the USA and begged God to allow me to return to Taiwan.  It was the place God had put on my heart for long-term missions, but had told me to leave indefinitely.  At that time I had no idea if or when God would allow me to return. A few weeks later, on January 1st, God told me it was time to return.  That week, I bought a ticket for a month-long trip for later that month, and then later returned in May for a more permanent stay.

From June through August I focused on language studies, and once again asked God for direction.  I had thought my work with VOICE Missions was done, but God still had more work for me to do as a part of VOICE Missions.  

As I prayed about returning to VOICE Missions, and specifically to the Joy House ministry in Chiayi where I had previously served every weekend from the fall of 2013 through summer of 2016, I asked God “isn’t the work there already completed?” and He brought to mind the words of a song I had written 5 years before “The work is not done”.  That was all the confirmation I needed, and so I returned.

Being back in Chiayi did not answer all my questions, however.  I am called to Taiwan for the long-haul, and VOICE Missions is a short-term opportunity.  It's a great way to prepare to live in Taiwan for full-time missions, but it's not a permanent solution.

I began praying again, and asking for direction.  The answer came, and it wasn't what I had initially expected.  One week, the kids from the village “DaKangLang” came to camp. I already knew most of the kids very well from the Joy House (a Saturday Bible club in their village).  Many of the kids from DaKangLang have learning disabilities, and all of them are under privileged. Many come from broken homes or live with grandparents.

Those kids were the reason I returned to Taiwan, and that week, God gave me the answer I had been looking for.  To serve in the village of DaKangLang as a teacher, a mentor, and as an example of Christ.

For now, I will continue with VOICE Missions as I prepare to serve in DaKangLang, and for now I will continue to be an example of Christ to the many other kids I will meet in this Spring semester.


Kristina Joy Dzimianski has served with VOICE Missions since the fall of 2013, and lives in Chiayi County. She enjoys spending time with kids and animals. She also likes coding computer programs in her spare time, and hopes she can teach coding skills to some of her students someday.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Hard Times: Blessings in Disguise

Learning to rest + trust

One of the biggest lessons God has been teaching me recently is to rest and trust Him.  There are many circumstances right now where it seems I can do little to change them for the better.  He's been showing me to slow down and lean into Him, casting my burdens on Him.  Then when I pick them back up, He's quick to remind me that I really can't do it but He can.  Not only can but - He will.

Dealing with daily health issues

I'd like to be able to say that I am completely healthy each day and feel great.  That's not the case right now but - I am so, so much better than I was earlier in 2017.  Being off many of my favorite foods has been extremely hard.  I choose that, though, over being as sick as I have these past 3.5 years.  It's a relief to only feel sick a little each day or somewhat worse every few days.  So am I all better now?  Not yet.  Am I getting there?  I hope so!

Praying and praying and praying

Another big theme in my life lately has been prayer.  Each day God brings something to mind or causes something to happen where I need to pray about it (this is always true but seems more prominent recently).  Sometimes it's just a quick prayer.  Sometimes I've had to pray and pray about it and I still don't know what He's doing.  I'm learning that's okay and to keep praying.  My favorite spot is heading to the nearby ocean where I can sit and speak with my Savior about what's up.  

Embracing His goodness to me

2017 was a very tough year in many ways.  I've come face to face with a lot of sorrow, loss and even trauma.  I've suffered from nightmares on and off for 11 months.  I won't sugarcoat it and say it's all okay, because it's not.  But I smile in spite of all that because 2017 brought Jesus' presence even closer to me.  I've come to see His goodness in a deeper, more beautiful way through all the hard times.  I'm still in the midst of it all.  I still see how He paints the sky for me.  I still see how He sends me the naughtiest kid to come sit in my lap and hug me.  I still see how He sends friends my way to point me back to Him.  He's so good.

Praising Him because He's sovereign, He's near and He's here.


Joanna Suich has been serving with VOICE Missions since February 2013.  As a child, she attempted to dig her way to China, but only made it two feet in before her mom called her to dinner.  Although Joanna never made it to China, God did bring her nearby to the island of Taiwan.  She has a heart for all things involving missions, juvenile delinquents and adventures.  God has placed Hualien in her heart and it's home now.  She currently is doing college online as she volunteers, majoring in social work.  If you're looking for Joanna, check the local village or orphanage and you'll probably find her there - playing, tutoring and sharing Christ's love and truth.