Sunday, February 21, 2021

Extra Opportunities

 Aside from teaching 4th graders each week, we also get the opportunity to go teach Character lessons for one whole week at the Children’s institute in Kaohsiung, Taiwan if we are available during that time.


During this week the teachers receive discipleship each day and are trained how to deliver the lessons by sharing testimonies, playing games or doing crafts with the students. I personally love this week so so much. 


Not only do I get the opportunity to share God’s truth with students who attend but I also get to have fellowship with some amazing people. Though I only get to see some of the fellow teachers from the Children’s Institute once a year, when we do see each other its always a great time. A week spent with them is just so sweet, I left so encouraged by everyone’s desire to serve God, by how they would lift each other up in prayer, and by how much they would care for everyone’s needs. I also ended that week with a huge desire to learn more Chinese so that I could better communicate with them the next time haha.


I walked into that week knowing that I was going to be teaching to younger kids and that I was going to help them learn the value of having good character but as I left, I realized I also had learned so much myself.


I learned how to have patience with others, how to value a friendship, I learned so many truths about God’s goodness, how to step out of my comfort zone and that no matter how long you go without seeing a person the friendship will continue to be there. Experiences like these have made my time in Taiwan so memorable. 


Juliana (also called Julie) Pinilla is nineteen years old. Growing up in New York City and in a family with six siblings, she has loved taking care and teaching her younger brother and sisters. Her dream was to one day become a teacher and now she is pursuing that dream by teaching English in Hualien, Taiwan.Julie enjoys taking photos while traveling to new places in Taiwan and trying new delicious treats everywhere she goes. You can find her either journaling or reading a book inside a coffee shop or spending time with the friends she has made while living here. She hopes to show the love of Christ through her actions and words to everyone she meets.