Thursday, May 26, 2016

Equipped to Witness

Before two wonderful events happened that redefined my perspective I was ashamed and scared to talk about the gospel. The reason I didn’t have enough confidence was because I let Satan creep in and claim ground. I thought my testimony was irrelevant and average, I gave Satan the power to tell me that I would fail.

I accepted the Holy Spirit into my heart at a young age, but later rededicated my life to Christ, due to doubts about my future. I still feel like my story isn’t very special, but I’m beyond blessed to know the truth and live with a purpose. Because I was prideful, I never took advantage of opportunities when given the chance to be used for God’s glory. I would worry that people wouldn’t take me seriously because of my age. I was worried that I would come across as too preachy. I would worry that others wouldn’t show interest, and also that they’d have questions for me that I couldn’t answer because I’m incompetent… Which is a risk we all take if we enlighten someone about the Word; but planted seeds will not return void. The first thing that changed my life was being baptized. I had the privilege of being baptized along with two siblings, and I think that moment in time was like putting the cherry on top of my faith.

  “For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.”
~John 1:17   

Being in Taiwan is the latest chapter that has expanded my borders forever and I find it rewarding teaching and any time I can sneak in a Bible reference, I do. When you hear students learn new character for the first time or hear someone tell you that God’s grace has encouraged them, it’s truly the most bubbly feeling ever, and I can’t help but praise Jehovah.

I wanted to show pictures with the faces of souls that have not yet been saved. So can I ask a favor of you if you’re reading this? Although you probably don’t know them personally, stop for a brief moment and pray for a miracle that they would accept the free gift of love.

~Anslea Morris

Anslea was born and raised in Georgia. She was home-schooled and has five siblings. She is currently serving with VOICE Missions in Taichung. She came to Taiwan because she felt called to, but also because she loves children and traveling. She spends most of her time outdoors doing things like running, kayaking, long-boarding, Eno-ing, hiking, fishing, and doing water sports. She thinks the two most important things in life are time and relationships.

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