Friday, April 1, 2016

Trusting God

I am learning and growing in an area I sometimes may not realize still needs attention.  Living in a country where the spiritual warfare is constantly surrounding us and is impossible to avoid, this lesson comes up multiple times in different ways. Satan loves to test us in the areas we think we are good enough at.  We are never good enough to not need God.  We need to trust His plan because we are to not good enough to figure life out alone.

Some things are easier said than done. As Christians, we're always told to trust God with our lives.  It's easy to say, "I trust God to lead me in the challenges in my life." But, do we really do it? Looking back, there's no doubt God has been leading my life and still is. But, is there trust in His plan being what is right for me?

This is a lesson I thought was finished; however, I'm beginning to think this lesson will never be finished.  This isn't the first time I’ve been learning this lesson... This was definitely a situation that helped me grow in trusting Him and taught others a priceless lesson: Recently, I was placed in a situation that has shown me how God is still teaching me to trust Him. In this situation, I kept doing what looked like the right thing for me to do, when God was asking me to step back and trust Him to work it out.  The right thing for me to do was nothing and I couldn't see how that was possible. I was doubting if God really knew ALL the details when He knows more than I do, or if the outcome would be the best one. These both came down to trusting God. God forced me to step back.  When my trust was completely placed in God, it was amazing to see what He did.  He allowed a miraculous solution to happen only when my trust was fully in Him.

To give a brief summary of the above mentioned situation, I was teaching at a school that was giving me challenges that were above my ability to control.  I began seeking help and advice, when God was already telling me He is the solution I needed to the challenge I was facing.  God was testing to see if I would allow the control to come from Him and not me. When my trust was placed in Him, there was a huge change in that school.  We went from not being able to teach anything in a lesson to now being able to complete a lesson and still having extra time. The timing has been a blessing too. I was able to teach them about the true meaning of Easter and I was able to see that many of them truly understood for the first time. They would tell me they have heard about it before but they didn't understand it. This time, they really understood it. Trusting God in being able to work through the challenges in my life has been an obstacle, yet I’m still learning and growing.

Lastly, not only was I needing to trust God more, but my students learned something well.  At the beginning, they just thought "She's just another teacher." When I allowed God to work in the situation, (which involved skipping one day of school) this helped the students realize the value and importance of having me there as a foreign teacher.  God not only taught me something through this, but also the students I'm teaching.

~ Hayley Osborne

Hayley, currently serving with VOICE Missions on the Nantou team, is from Florida. This is her second year in Taiwan. Some of her favorite activities include swimming and playing the piano. She enjoys learning from as well as teaching the students at her schools. She hopes that in the future she will either be able to become a teacher or military translator, translating English and Chinese.

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