Monday, March 21, 2016

Ordinary to Extraordinary

A few weeks ago the Nantou team had a reunion with the government’s supervisors, to see how the program was going so far and to change or improve any details. I was nervous that the English teachers might complain that the only thing that I was doing was playing instead of teaching (which is what most of the English teachers ask me to do). But it didn’t happen.

Days after the reunion, all of the teachers thanked me for playing with the kids, for listening to them. and for being more than a teacher, a friend. All of them told me the same thing, that because of me, the kids were more excited to learn English because they wanted to be able to communicate with me. And that most of the students started to learn English by themselves through music, books, and movies. I was touched, because I didn’t do anything extraordinary. I just played with them and made them laugh, things completely ordinary. But one day God talked to me and said: sometimes we only have to do ordinary things because He will put the extraordinary into those things.

That’s why I’m not worried anymore about if I’m doing simple things or not, because I have faith that God will turn them into extraordinary things for His kingdom.

~Deidre Lemus

Deidre was born in Mexico. She is currently serving with VOICE Missions in Nantou, and because of that she is now learning her fifth language: Chinese. If you give her any kind of delicious food or candy, you will gain her love for ever! And if are in trouble she will be there to help but if she can’t help, she will do anything to just make you smile.

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