Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Let the Children Come to Me

For the past two years, I have had the privilege of working in a small village on Saturdays.  I go to the village with a local missionary couple. We play with the kids and tell them Bible stories.  The story of this village ministry is quite amazing.  We have seen so many seemingly impossible things happen, such as not being able to find a building to rent no matter how hard we looked, but the week we needed it God suddenly provided the perfect place.

We started out just sitting on the temple steps, and playing with whatever kids came.  Some weeks there were only two or three kids, other weeks we could have up to ten.  After we had a building (which we named the “Joy House”), the number of kids that came increased to around fifteen.  For a while the number of kids stayed between ten and fifteen, except for special occasions (like Christmas). But then Jill, a Taiwanese Christian, started tutoring kids at two o’clock.  Suddenly we had at least twenty kids every week.

A few weeks ago, the 4th grade kids from the village came to the camp I teach in.  Some of them already went to Joy House, and were excited to have me as their teacher.  The following Saturday we had several new kids come to the Joy House because they had gone to camp.  It has definitely been God who has brought the children to the Joy House.  From five kids, to thirty-five.  It was something we, the few adults that go to the village, could never accomplish.  Only God could bring those kids. He loves them, and values them, so it is my duty to bring the children to Him, and it is your privilege to pray for the children He loves.

~Kristina Joy Dzimianski

Kristina Joy is teaching in Taiwan for her third year.  She is part of the Chiayi team, in the southwest part of Taiwan.  She teaches English in the Character English Institute (a five-day camp).

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  1. It sounds so exciting to hear how God is using you and your team in Taiwan, We are exploring Voice Missions for one of our children. May God continue to bless you and the team as you minister there. Mrs. Hutto; Rebekah's Mom.