Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Teaching in Pingtung

Well folks I’ve only been in Taiwan for a month or so but I already love it so much! The people here are so sweet and welcoming! I’ve had the chance to teach quite a few children at the Nan Jung English village these past weeks and I’ve been loving every minute of it.

Being away from home, especially out of my country can be hard sometimes and isn’t without its challenges but it is definitely worth it! I love being a blessing to the people here in Taiwan! Lord knows how much of a blessing they’ve been to me already.

The Lord is truly at work here in Pingtung and all over Taiwan. What a blessing to be able to serve our wonderful savior in this way.

~Raegan Maghakian 

Raegan Maghakian is a teacher on the Pingtung team. This is her first year in Taiwan. She loves artistic and athletic activities, particularly writing, singing, and playing guitar as well as waveboarding, swimming, running, dancing, and karate.

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