Saturday, July 18, 2015

4th Grade Blessings!

In the fourth grade class, we have one student who gets upset the second half of class almost every week. However, he would leave the class room happy. This week was a little different... He still got upset, but after class he was still upset. I used to think it was that he just doesn't like English class. I'm starting to think it's something else, but I am not sure what.

Anyways, this time after class I noticed he was still upset after class and stayed in the room. Everyone left the classroom except him and I. I stayed off to the side by the computer, since the school has told me I can use it at breaks. I stayed over to the side to see what he does for a few minutes, So, after a few minutes he stood up and threw his school book, a book of a shelf, and one of the chairs. Then, he sat on the floor and continued crying. So, I sat down next him and was able to calm him down, simply by sitting next to him and rubbing his back. Then, we sat by the computer together and went to google translate! I tried to ask him why he is upset. He wouldn't tell me anything... So, I decided to tell him how I feel. He is the only student at this school that is truly excited to see me. He looks for me at every break to walk around with me, always has the biggest smile when he comes to see me, and things like that. So, I told him that when I see him every week, he makes me smile. This made a HUGE difference in his behavior. He went from sad and angry to extremely happy!

Then, just minutes later was the next class followed by lunch. At lunch and right before I left he gave me a big hug. It was truly a blessing to be a part of this situation. It was amazing to be a help to this kid when no one else wanted to help him. Lastly, I am not certain, but I think a big part of the situation is some things at home. I don't know specifics, but I have been told that almost all the students at the schools we teach at have really bad family situations. I think that day it was just a combination of something at home as well as not having a good school day. Again, I am not certain, but it's a thought.

This is the first time she was willing to even look at me outside of in class! Before, she would try to hide when she saw me during the breaks. This time, she wanted to find me so that she can sit by me, try to talk with me, and play with me during the breaks. It may have taken until the second semester, but I am very happy that she is now interacting with me!

~Hayley Osbourne

Hayley just completed her first year of working with VOICE Missions in the public schools of Nantou county, she is planning on returning for a second year with the 2015-16 VOICE Missions Team.

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