Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Teacher's Care

Teacher, teacher take my hand,
Welcome to my beautiful land.
I will try to learn your English,
But to me it sounds like gibberish.
I want to talk to you, and know.
From where does all the love flow?
I will try, and will you, to know me as I you?
There are so few that come, cross the ocean blue
To tell me of the love that I feel,
In your smile and in your eyes, is real.
Student, dear student, take my hand.
I am falling in love with your beautiful land.
I am trying but I know so little of your language
Together, somehow we manage,
But little student it is my prayer.
That you will put your soul in the greatest Teacher’s care.
That you will take His hand...
That someday, we will meet in a His heavenly land.

Jessica loves the opportunity she gets to spend with “her kids,” a.k.a. students every week.  She is currently serving her first year in Taiwan, in the beautiful county of Nantou.

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