Thursday, September 25, 2014

Moon Festival

Just as we got settled here in Taiwan, the Church part of our group is attending, invited us all to their Moon Festival Barbecue. At first it felt a little awkward, simply because, of the language barrier, and not really knowing anyone but our small group. Corrie was fabulous and did some translating for us, and we had fun getting to know the people and putting the rinds of Pomelo fruit rinds on our heads.

As the barbecue got under way there was a little girl who started to hang around, her shining inquisitive eyes and bright smile said she was curious about the group of Americans’. It was great opportunity, and using my tablet, we made some great memories, and shared lots of giggles. It was a great start to getting to know the children here in Taiwan, and was a great open door to start fellowshipping with others, even though they had limited English and I had no Chinese.

~Jessica Mullen

This is Jessica’s first time serving in Taiwan. She enjoys teaching her students new words like sticker and Starburst candy, and more actual useful words. Jessica is currently serving on the Nantou team in central Taiwan.

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