Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The House of Joy

On Saturdays, my teammate and I would go to the nearby town of Da Kang Lang to help a local missionary family that was trying to start up a ministry for the local kids.
A group of excited children in front of The House of Joy

For several months, we didn't have a place of our own to meet with the kids, so we would hang out with them by the local temple in the center of town. One of our Taiwanese friends, Jill, took on the job of telling them a Bible story each week. It always seemed a bit ironic to me that we were telling the kids about Christ while sitting on the steps of the house of their local gods. After some months of prayer, the local Church has found an old house to rent and convert into a kid’s club. Their hope is to expand the ministry to reach out to all ages of the community there.

One Saturday during the Bible story time, Jill talked to the kids about prayer, and raised an unexpected flurry of questions.                                       

      “You mean that WE can pray to God too?” 

      “We can pray in the day time or the night time?”

      “We can pray any place?!”

      “Can I pray even if it is raining outside?”

Prayer was something that they had never really had taught them as a concept before, and their only understanding of it revolved around temple traditions. Our hope is that these precious kids can hear more about Jesus as someone who is very real, present, and alive!

~Fae Larson

Fae has served with VOICE Missions for over three years, and is currently serving on the Chiayi Team. Fae volunteers every Saturday at The House Of Joy, a ministry to the children of  Da Kang Lang in central Taiwan.

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